Remote Maintenance Service

For those clients who do not feel they need a consultant on site, but have database maintenance needs, we offer a remote access solution for far less than the price of an hourly on site consultant.

Client Requirements All plan subscription clients must provide secure external access to their Oracle database servers, either via dedicated dial-in or secure connections over the Internet (such as VPN).  The client must also possess a valid Oracle CSI number for access to Oracle Technical Support.

Service Level Number of Databases Monthly Fee
Basic 1-3 $800.00
4-6 $1200.00
6-10 $1500.00
Standard 1-3 $1200.00
4-6 $1700.00
6-10 $2100.00
Deluxe 1-3 $3000.00
4-6 $3600.00
6-10 $4000.00

Basic service includes remote maintenance service including crash recovery, and performance tuning from 8 AM to 6 PM, Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time (to be agreed upon and fixed in advance). If the database crashes or is slow, or is getting repeated errors, the maintenance agreement provides for resolving these issues during business hours. In addition, all covered databases will be periodically monitored for performance reporting trends. The agreement does not include PL/SQL updates or schema changes.

Standard service includes the above but includes 2 hours of emergency weekend service per weekend.

Deluxe service incudes the above but response is 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Please note that all maintenance contracts require a minimum 12 month agreement and this includes one free (licensed) Oracle environment installation in the plan.