PolySolutions employs only Oracle Certified Professionals and we have taught Oracle certification courses at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw Ga for the 8, 8i and finally the 9i Database Administrator OCP track before KSU discontinued the program. We have trained DBAs in versions 8 through 10g for over 4 years. We can have an instructor available for on site training at your location for up to 20 students for the following classes and prices.

Prices do not include travel expenses where required.

Class Title Class Length Class Price
Coding PL/SQL 40 hours $5000
Database Administration 40 hours $5000
Database Tuning 40 hours $5000
Database Networking 25 hours $3000
Data Modeling 30 hours $4000

Coding PL/SQL This class presents Oracle's Procedural Query Language to new or inexperienced users. Designed more for application programmers, students are exposed to dynamic SQL, nested cursors, global temporary tables and packages. A must for thin client developers working against an Oracle database.

Database Administration This class helps new database administrators get a working foundation in managing and running an Oracle database instance. Versions 8i through 10g are covered. Students get an in depth look at the components that make an Oracle database instance work and how these components relate and communicate with one another.

Database Tuning Intended for intermediate to seasoned database administrators, this course focuses on areas that most often experience performance issues. From space management to I/O load balancing and index maintenance, the student is exposed to real world situations that are sure to arise at some point in every DBA's career and the smart but simple proactive strategies that can prevent such problems from surfacing in the first place.

Database Networking This class provides an in depth look at setting up many of Oracle's enterprise wide networking features such as names servers, directory services, and the Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO). Students will get a lot of exposure to configuring different client connections through an N-Tier architecture.

Data Modeling Perhaps the most important area in application development because of the difficulty in correcting mistakes later, database design is often the most neglected step in new application design. By having a firm grasp on database modeling concepts, a developer, team lead or project manager is in a position to ensure that the database for a new application is both flexible and fully scalable for future expansion, as well as guaranteeing that the database is set up to allow for fast inserts and searches. Often poor database design leads to performance bottlenecks in the database itself, which can only be corrected by completely re-engineering the database and application. Students get a real world look at what makes a relational database work as well as strategies for increasing speed and performance in the design phase.

Please note that we cannot offer oracle OCP certification classes because of Oracle University licensing restrictions.